Dear fellow submariners and all our friends.

We have been entrusted to hold the 54th International Submariners Congress in the Naval Capital of Russia. It is due in St. Petersburg from 5th to 12th of June 2017.

We have been designing an exciting and interesting program for you during your stay with us.

As well as Naval Capital, St Petersburg is also considered to be Cultural Capital of Russia. We would like to show you most famous sights of the city, such as the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac Cathedral. You will visit Peterhof museum complex and the famous Amber Room in Pushkin.

You are welcome to arrive on the 5th of June. The cultural part of the Congress will continue for three days beginning from the 6th of June.

The Official part of the Congress will start in the evening of 8th and according to congress tradition will last for 4 days ending with a traditional Gala Dinner and closing party on the 11th.

During the official part you will see St. Petersburg as a naval capital. You can visit naval fortress Kronstadt with its Naval Cathedral, the new Central Navy Museum of Russia, the legend of Russian fleet the cruiser “Aurora”, the Narodovolets D-2 submarine and C-189 Whiskey Class submarine. We will honor the memory of fallen submariners in St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral and Kursk Submarine Memorial in Serafimovskoe Cemetery.

More information is to be found on the Congress website. We offer you accommodation in hotels “St.Petersburg” and “Azimut”.

We are happy to inform you, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has approved humanitarian visas for all the participants of the Congress. This visa type is much cheaper and easier to get.

Welcome aboard!

With respect and best regards,

Captain Igor Kurdin.

portsmouth_02Van 18 mei tot en met 21 mei is voor de 52ste keer het International Submariners Association (ISA) Congress gehouden. Het congres heeft als doel wereldwijd actief dienende en post actieve submariners bij elkaar te brengen. Soms schuiven ook mensen aan die op andere wijze een band met de onderzeedienst hebben, vaak vanwege een familieband of een uitgesproken interesse voor onderzeeboten. Deze keer waren zo’n 200 deelnemers uit 21 landen bijeen in het gastvrije Portsmouth. Alhoewel het gezelschap vooral uit gepensioneerden bestaat tref je er toch mensen in alle leeftijden, van 25 tot 95. Sommigen zijn hier voor de eerste keer bij, anderen hebben al meer dan 25 congressen meegemaakt. Nederland werd deze keer vertegenwoordigd door een gevarieerd gezelschap, bestaande uit Ben en Katja Boonstra (Stichting Nabestaanden Onderzeeboten 1940-1945), Henk (zoon oud commandant Hr.Ms. O16) en Elly Bussemaker. Head of Delegation was KTZ (RSD) Ruurd van Rooijen, en KLTZ (RSD) Jouke Spoelstra was de jongste. Ook Margot Grosse-Randshuizen, weduwe van een in Nederland wonende Britse oud-onderzeebootman, was weer van de partij.


International Community of Submariners Associations

7-12 September 2009 San Diego, California,
23-27 May 2010 Haifa (Israel),
May 2011 Turkey

Since 1962 this cooperation of National Submariners Associations has held its meetings in various countries of the member associations.

These meetings can be attended by members of the submarine services – both active and former members – and their partners.

The first meeting took place in Paris, initiated by a French and German former submarine commander. Their goal was to bring about a reconcilement of (former) submarine personnel of countries that had been enemies in World War II. The meeting was attended by people from Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and the USA.

In 1966 the International Community of Submariners Associations formulated its mission:” We don’t want to create an international umbrella organization. Reasons: we don’t want to separate submariner organizations of one nation into a national and an international branch. We want that our meetings are characterized by friendship and not by organizational duties”.

(see: )

The Americans, however, call this community the “International Submariners Association (ISA)”, of which they, as “ISA-USA” are a member.

(see: ).

Statutory goal of ISA-USA is: “To perpetuate the memory of those who have lost their lives in submarines and to further promote and keep alive the spirit and unity that exists among all submarine crewmen, to foster friendship and goodwill internationally, remembering always our belief in the freedom of thoughts, words and deeds. Every member shall remain loyal to his country at all times”.

(see: ).

The ISA has 32 members. Since 1962 meetings have been held in France (12), Germany (10), Italy (8), Austria (5), England (4), Russia (2), Ukraine (1), Argentina (1) and Poland (1). In 1968 and 1996 no meetings were held, due to political circumstances.
In 2010 the meeting was held in Haifa (Israel), in 2011 in Turkey (Istanbul).
A report of the meeting in Gdynia (Poland) in 2008 was published in KVO June 2008

(see )

It is to be hoped that Dutch delegations will attend the annual ISA-meetings.

Jan Willem van Waning